Yu Fang 方燠

Undergraduate Student
Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University

LEFT PHOHO: Zijing Dorm 2018; RIGHT PHOTO(mid): ACM-ICPC Competition 2018


I am a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in computer science at Tsinghua University. From Sep. 2018, I will become a Ph.D. student in Computer and Information Science (CIS) under the advisement of Prof. Chenfanfu Jiang at The University of Pennsylvania.
My primary research interest is physically based simulation.
Currently, I have been working as a research intern at Aqrose, entending human pose estimation technology to other scenarios.

Wechat: squarefk
Phone: +8615189156756
Email: squarefk@gmail.com


A Temporally Adaptive Material Point Method with Regional Time Stepping
Yu Fang*, Yuanming Hu*, Shi-Min Hu, Chenfanfu Jiang, (*equal contributors), (SCA 2018)
[Paper(Coming soon!)] [Watch Online]
A Moving Least Squares Material Point Method with Displacement Discontinuity and Two-Way Rigid Body Coupling
Yuanming Hu, Yu Fang, Ziheng Ge, Ziyin Qu, Yixin Zhu, Andre Pradhana, Chenfanfu Jiang, (SIGGRAPH 2018)
[Paper(Coming soon!)] [Tech Doc] [Watch Online]
An Asynchronous Material Point Method
Yuanming Hu*, Yu Fang*, (*equal contributors), (SIGGRAPH 2017, Poster)
[Paper] [Watch Online]


An Open source computer graphics library in C++ and python.
I participated in the development of Taichi with MPM, time-variant level sets, and a WebGL-based visualization system (which allows checking results remotely).
I'm collaborating with the project creator (Yuanming Hu).

Individual project, based on C++
Final project for the course, Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, which get the only full marks
Offline renderer based on path tracing and probabilistic progressive photon mapping, which implements caustics, volumetric scattering, etc.

Phantouch VR
Team project, based on OpenGL
Built for A round financing for a start-up company (Phantouch)
A graphics system for real-time virtual reality applications, built from scratch
I am responsible for shadow maps and the whole real-time post-processing pipeline, including lens distortion, bloom FX, light-shafts, etc.


I have a great capability of roller skating ( Combo1, Combo2 Videos on YouTube) and was the leader of the roller skating team at Tsinghua University (2016-2017).

Tsinghua Roller Skating Association at Beidaihe (Left Rear 5).

Many computer graphics enthusiasts have interest in photography. It is good for improving the aesthetic ability and getting beautiful research results. For me, another cheaper way is more attractive. I have been practising sketching and try to record everything. (I am a complete beginner and sending emails to teach me to paint is welcome!)